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Nakaiy Calender (Maldives-Minicoy). Lakshadweep.

The Nakiay Calendar printed in Male, Maldives projects seasonal conditions and the activity appropriate to it. Among the activities covered are planting, harvesting, fishing and sailing. In sailing, a distinction is made between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea. The calendar describes the equivalence between the Jazira Arab and the malayalam nakshatras. (Reference: Rahmani of Kunhikunhi Malmi, edited by Lotika Varadarajan). This photograph was taken at Community Hall in Falessey, Minicoy in April 1995.

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Archive created by the Centre for Community Knowledge, Ambedkar University Delhi
with the support of
Vasant J Sheth Memorial Foundation, and
Project Mausam, Indira Gandhi Centre for the Arts
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