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Communities in Nancowry and Teressa island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The outrigger canoes of Chowra, Teressa and Car Nicobar islands of the Nicobarese group of islands carry three masts and are mounted by settee sails. In this series, the canoe is at shore, so we do not see the sails. In the photographs of the Ap canoe above, we notice the Tanleal (Stringers, made from a soft wood with 10 cms diameter), Leningh-ens (two strong flexible poles, approximately half the length of the hull), hantaha (light but strong wood that forms a part of the outrigger and has to withstand the pressure of the waves) and the tamnoeke (the spars, made of hard wood of 18 sticks, 9 sticks in each of the two sets on either side).


Archive created by the Centre for Community Knowledge, Ambedkar University Delhi
with the support of
Vasant J Sheth Memorial Foundation, and
Project Mausam, Indira Gandhi Centre for the Arts
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