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Boat Race with the Mashol Ap at Car Nicobar. Andaman and Nicobar islands

The people of chowra build canoes called Ap for their seafaring activities. While there are different kinds of Ap canoes, a unique canoe called the Mashol Ap is built for a seasonal boat race. A large team builds this long boat (for more details, see the item in category: Boats and Boat Building) and competes with other racing teams. Dr. Varadarajan documented one such race in Car Nicobar in October 1996.

The people of chowra who build the boat and race it, have some idiosyncratic customs associated with the boat race. Some would offer betel nut before the race begins, another team hung chicken feet from the front of the boat.

The race makes for a spectacular visual, as seen in the photo series below :

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